Managers are likely to face a consistent onslaught of resources that are both onboarded and offboarded on a regular basis. ID Access Management is essential for all organizations as employees increasingly work from home and tech evolves. Remote productivity, digital collaboration, onboarding, offboarding, and staff training all need secure remote connections. Recent studies working from home have increased in popularity by 91%, and 71% of both employees and executives plan to continue working remotely post-pandemic as more people work from home, the World Health Agency caution that they have seen a dramatic rise in the number of attempted cyberattacks. Even the FBI has seen an increase of cyberattack complaints jump 400% from before the pandemic. The need to take action is evident.

What Can Be Done to Protect Remote Employees?

There is a need for a converged and concentrated approach to ID asset management. The system must be secure, but the interface needs to be intuitive and easy to use. We need to find better solutions than passwords. Establishing IT teams to manage security information and controlling access to tools and groups can reduce the reliance on password protection, which can be overcome.

One of the growing concerns is called vishing (voice phishing), where a criminal poses as an IT person from the employee’s company. The criminal would attempt to fool the employee to switch to a network of the criminal’s choice. The criminal then has authentic credentials from an employee to attack the home system. Companies must begin to be proactive about downloading software onto remote workstations, which will monitor for unusual activity such as this.

What Can Be Done to Protect People Returning to the Office?

In a post-COVID world, finding contactless access control solutions are going to be more valuable than ever. Using fobs and data cards will not be as effective when minimizing contact as much as possible. Many buildings are already experimenting with mobile phone apps that will validate entry and ensure that capacity safety measures are being followed. Other possibilities are internal control systems that can verify identities, building capacity, and conduct temperature checks.

How Can We Help?

Advance Solutions is on the cutting edge of technological solutions to physical, facility, and cybersecurity. As cybercrime increases and employee health is risked, digital solutions must step up and address these problems.

Advance Solutions offers custom ServiceNow applications (IDAM) that can seamlessly oversee a range of compliance procedures, manage the nuances of multiple access providers, maintain third-part access provider integrations, top notch tools for generating reports, and an overall enhanced user experience for all parties involved.

IDAM comes with privileged access management, role-based approval systems, agent workspace experience and a number of additional automated cloud administrative services that are not limited by physical presence in an office. It allows you to unify access regulation across entities regardless of whether it is an external application or mainframe network folders.

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