Implemented ServiceNow for HR Services (HRSD), automating many tasks and meeting audit requirements.


This organization is part of a global not-for-profit. It is an agency responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide. Based in in New York City, it is one of the most recognizable social welfare organizations in the world, with a presence in 192 countries and territories. Its activities span medical and social aid for disadvantaged children and mothers including HIV treatment, immunization and disease prevention, promotion of education, sanitation improvement and provision of emergency relief in the event of a disaster.


The client relied on manual processes and emails for everything from Employee relations request, Separation documentation and process. The client was struggling with the higher volume of manual work and, as everything was done manually, there was no visibility for new hires and hiring leaders. There was no easy way to see what had been done and what is still pending. The client needed a solution to have track of IT Services and HR services and eliminate manual process to improve end-user and new hire experience.


Advance solutions worked closely with the client to understand their manual HR processes and streamlined it to more efficient and effective solution. We helped the client and implemented ServiceNow HR service delivery.

1. We provided a solution which integrated with their existing HR system (SAP) to pull the HR profiles in to ServiceNow on a daily schedule so that HR profile on ServiceNow is always in sync with their existing HR system (SAP).

2. Separation process which is offboarding of an employee also includes several child processes, for example, life insurance, shipment, Calculation of Pension fund etc.

3. We created 100+ HR services by leveraging the Transitions application of service now HR service delivery


The client has a robust solution to keep their employee’s HR profile up to date with their external HR system.

The sourcing team is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date, accurate and complete global vendor database, which serves as a key internal control for mitigating financial risks such as incorrect or duplicate payments. Vendor master data is used for purchasing and accounting purposes, including invoice payments.

With Update Vendor Service, Master Data Management Local Focal Points (MDM LFPs), on behalf of their local office, can request from the sourcing team to update or block existing institutional vendors (e.g. institutional contractors, field office vendors, implementing partners, travel agencies, National Committees, other agencies, etc.) as applicable. The client has made concerted efforts to strengthen integration in this service request to reduce the need for offices to compete all data. By providing the vendor number, the form is auto-populated with available SAP data. The Master Data Management Local Focal Points only needs to add/update the information required.

With Staff Member’s Bank Details Service, your bank details are initially captured during the onboarding process, but they can be updated if you submit a Staff Member’s Bank Details request to the sourcing team. Your net salary is normally deposited into your primary bank account; however, you can request a portion of your salary to be transferred to a secondary bank account. For international staff this can be an account opened locally. Locally-recruited staff can request up to 70% of their salary to be deducted and deposited in their account. You can request a change to your salary account/s no more than twice a year.

With Education Grant Service, International Professional (IP) staff holding a fixed-term, continuing or permanent appointment may be eligible to receive education grant, and boarding assistance if applicable, for children attending school from the year they turn five years of age to the year they obtain their first post-secondary degree (age restriction applies).A special education grant for children with disabilities is available for locally-recruited and IP staff members, other than those holding a Temporary Appointment. Eligible staff members who are required to pay all or a portion of the school fees at the beginning of the school year can also apply for an education grant advance against their entitlement and submit an Education Grant claim at the end of the school year to settle exact expenses.

Monthly payroll processing involves a series of steps to validate the payroll results and to ensure that funding is available to meet the payroll expenses for the month. The Sourcing Payroll Team is accountable for the reviewing and validating the payroll register prior to the finalization of the periodic payroll, while local offices main involvement in the monthly payroll activities is addressing missing cost distribution (CD) or funding shortfalls.

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