Grant Management

Manage your entire grant lifecycle in one place, by streamlining management of funding programs, communicating with grantees, and acting towards your noble goal.

Procurement Workflows

A Robust Auction Engine to support single and multi-type negotiations and digitize your entire procurement lifecycle using governance and throughput. 

Finance Workflows

Track budgets, expenditures, dues, invoices, payables, funds received, and revenue generated for holistic finance management with transparency & compliance. 

Project & Performance

Reflect on your organization’s performance, develop and implement an improvement plan, and stay on top of your progress so you can efficiently use your finite resources to achieve your noble goals. 

Financial Disclosure

Address the issue of disclosing the interests of high-level public officials. Get data and proof in support of the discovery, research, and punishment of corruption. 

Cost Recovery

Track spends, receivables and other costs incurred in projects, portfolios, and activities. Plan all direct and indirect costs in real-time to keep cashflows running smoothly to achieve cash recovery.

Legal Case Management

Track legal cases, associated parties, and clients. Features like time tracking, document management, individual case analysis and dashboards help with billing and insights.

Fleet Management

An administrative model that enables organizations to arrange and coordinate work vehicles to boost productivity, cut expenses, and ensure compliance with legal requirements. 

Operational Services

Streamline multiple lines of operations with cost-efficient, cloud-based solution and get easy access to all the data from a single source. keep your operations agile and scalable. 

Admin Services

Streamline the processes that structure your nonprofit’s internal, external, and relational components of work, so you can focus on collaborating with partners, working in the field, or growing the scope of your goal. 

Treasury Case Management

Determining the appropriate quantities of cash or cash equivalents to give your Non-profit organization the ability to satisfy financial obligations is one of the major tasks of a treasury management system. 

Transportation workflows

We offer a framework for transportation improvements or innovative advancements of current business operations in a system landscape. 

Asset Disposition

We help you dispose off assets or securities through sale, assignment, or another transfer mechanism. The ownership of an asset is merely transferred when the asset is either given away or sold.

Anti-fraud Process

Anti-fraud process has been designed to impose controls to help detect fraud and prevent, reporting of any fraud or suspected fraud, and appropriate handling of matters connected to fraud.

Talent & Recruiting

Trach, manage and control your HR processes from hire-to-retire with automated HR workflows. Attract, hire, and retain the right talent anytime, anywhere!  

Position Management

You can hire the best candidate with this module. A complete image of your organization’s structure can be seen, which shows all roles, whether they are vacant or occupied.

Learning Management

Design and execute donor, community, and volunteer training programs using a system that automates the training process, enabling learners to learn at their own pace.

Position Classification

By enabling the identification of employees by distinct groups, the position classification module helps the training and development function. It can also be tailored for a particular target group.

Identity & Access

Grant access, monitor permissions, revoke user access when offboarding or transferring team members, and maintain an up-to-date database for optimal security.

Customer Surveys

Evaluate customer happiness, track customer involvement, market analysis, and determine expectations. Get useful information about what inspires your users. 

Donor Relations

Donor relations’ main goal is to retain current donors and keep them interested in your institutions. Save a money while increasing your worth and longevity. 

Document Management

Record, monitor, and store electronic documents like PDFs, word processing files, and digital images of paper-based content in the document management system.  

Travel & Expense

Gain access to a fully automated travel and expense management solution with budget check and budget blocking capability as well as advanced reporting and analytics.

Facility Management

Full utilization of Office assets and manage your complete office space across multiple locations in real-time. Cost efficient maintenance and boost operational efficiency. 

Donation Campaigns

Manage donation campaigns that lasts a long time! We support Non-profits manage and track their programs better all in one place. 

Integration with ERPs

Integrate your organization’s ERP system with other computer programs or software. Combine, interpret, and analyze data between their ERP system and the software programs better.

Reporting and Analytics

Improve communication, productivity, accuracy, and timeliness by implementing our powerful reporting and analytics system. Help your stakeholders make informed decisions. 

Portal and Mobile (iOS/Android)

One stop shop – mobile friendly solution that works on multiple devices that support both the iOS and Android platforms. 

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