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NPSM Cloud by ADVANCE Solutions is specifically designed for Non-Profits to help them in their Digital Transformation journey. It reduces dependencies on multiple apps and cuts through all the digital clutter with a single cloud-based Non-profit service management software for cases (grants, procurement, finance, operations, etc.), travel and expenses, identity and access, donation and campaigns, talent, and documentation and much more

A bundle of business management applications for non-profits.

A cutting-edge Non-profit service management solution for over 30 non-profit business processes.

A case management platform created exclusively for non-profits.

A SaaS solution built on ServiceNow.


Case Management

GRANT MANAGEMENT: Manage your entire grant cycle in one place with streamlined processes.

PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT: Digitized procurement lifecycle with a Robust Auction Engine supporting single and multi-type negotiations.

FINANCE MANAGEMENT: Track budgets, expenditures, dues, invoices, payables, funds received, and revenue generated.

PROJECT AND PERFORMANCE: Track your progress to efficiently use your finite resources to achieve your noble goals.

ADMIN MANAGEMENT: Track legal cases, associated parties, and clients. Use advance features for billing and insights.

Volunteer Management

STREAMLINING VOLUNTEER COORDINATION: Comprehensive portal for event organization, integrated event calendars, streamlined campaign oversight, AI-driven volunteer matching, digital onboarding and compliance, and efficient tracking and scheduling of volunteer hours.

BOOSTING SUCCESS OF VOLUNTEER PARTICIPATION: Centralized access portal, streamlined registration and profile management, achievement badges, automated communications, volunteer check-in/out systems with a dedicated calendar, and promotion of group activities.

OPTIMIZING VOLUNTEER IMPACT WITH REPORTING AND ANALYSIS: Volunteer timecards for accurate reporting, goal-specific reports and KPIs assessments, impact analysis on community, and organizational contributions.

Office Asset & Space Management

FACILITY MANAGEMENT: Ensure the functionality, safety, comfort, sustainability and efficiency of your built environment.

INSPECTIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS: Easily reserve office space for new hires.

OFFICE ASSET MANAGEMENT: Gain assets visibility and control, improve asset utilization, and audit requirement compliance.

EHS SERVICES: Ensure a sustainably management organization to get a positive return on ROI.

FACILITY AUDIT AND RISK ASSESSMENT: Audit process for facilities in compliance with regulations. Assess facility risks and corrective actions to mitigate risk.

Travel & Expense Management

TRAVEL BOOKING AND PROFILE MANAGEMENT: Easily Manage traveler/vendor/external traveler profiles and manage personal and business travel in one place.

DSA CALCULATIONS: Daily Subsistence Allowance data integrations with ICSC.

EXPENSE CLAIMS: Simplify travel expense reconciliation and make it easy for employees to claim and submit expenses.

CURRENCY CONVERSION: Convert foreign expenses accurately and keep track of the exchange rate.

UNHAS AND BULK BOOKING: Travel Agency integrations for flight reservations

Identity & Access Management

IDENTITY AND ACCESS MANAGEMENT: Grant access, monitor permissions, revoke user access when offboarding or transferring team members.

ACCESS AND PROVISIONING: A user may view, create, or edit files depending on the security and role parameters.

EMAIL PROVISIONING: Allows users to sign up with only their email address and a Master Password.

ENTITLEMENT REPOSITORY: A database that stores all the Securent EMS policy, resource, and role definitions.

ACCESS DEPROVISIONING: It typically happens when an employee quits their job or moves positions within the organization.

Donor & Citizen Relations

DONOR RELATIONS: Ensures that donors have positive interactions with the organization that encourage commitment and contribution over the long run.

CITIZEN SURVEYS: Helps evaluate citizen satisfaction, measure their involvement, do market research, and determine expectations.

EXTERNAL RELATIONS: Helps in maintaining fruitful and healthy relationships with all stakeholders those who have an impact on how businesses operate in the market.

COUNTRY OFFICE PROGRAMS: Along with promoting and financing research to create new technologies and interventions, it offers technical, and policy advise to governments.

Donation & Campaign Management

DONATION AND CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Empower your team with simple, easy and lightning-fast donation and campaign management from anywhere.

SECURE PAYMENT GATEWAY: Stripe integration with Salesforce helps with secure transactions.

ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS: Make informed decisions with the help of campaign insights, customizable feedback, and surveys.

Document Management

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Record, monitor, and store electronic documents at a central location for easy access.

VERSION CONTROL: Record changes to a file or set of files over time to recall specific versions in the future.


Digital Transformation of Non-Profits Through Our Smart Tech-Stack

Specifically Designed for Non-Profit Workflows

The workflows by NPSM are defined taking into consideration the daily operations of Non-profit organizations. Non-profit service management software makes data flow simple, secure, and reliable as NPOs require a constant exchange of data between various parties, including stakeholders, staff members and organisations from various locations, clients, and agencies.

Built on ServiceNow- one of the best Enterprise platforms

ServiceNow, a platform designed to manage everything as a service, makes it easier than ever for modern businesses to scale up and operate more quickly. It achieves this by applying a service-oriented perspective to the routine work activities, jobs, and procedures.

Single comprehensive solution with 25+ apps only for Non-profits

The foundation of NPSM is comprehension of Non-profit’s constantly changing strategies, their workforce, and the diversity of processes. The built-in modules and features are centred on addressing communication needs and automating monotonous tasks.

Best Value for your money, guaranteed

NPSM is mindful to the nature of Non-profit organizations, and we are delighted to help you in contributing to your charitable acts. Your goals for digitization will also be entirely backed by us.

Robust innovation roadmap with guidance from many UN agencies

The principal objective of NPSM is to deliver outstanding experiences which are both user and service related. We also aim to automate work and keep up with the pace by constant innovation.

Unique Operations Model

Non-Profits have a very different way of operating compared to commercial entities.

Deficiency of Funds

Many non-profit organizations lack the funding to digitize IT services

OOTB not customizable

OOTB solutions do not meet specific needs for Non Profit Agencies for IT Service Delivery processes

Digital clutter of multiple Apps

Many use cases for procurement, recruiting, finance, travel & expense, donation campaigns, grants management, project are being managed by home grown apps or manually, which is expensive and inefficient

Lacks New Low code/ No code tech

Built on the Most modern & future centric low Code/No Code platform, a leader in the Gartner magic quadrant.



We facilitate integrated operations between departments, automated workflows, improved communication and collaboration, increased network and data security, enhanced data-driven decision making, and increased mobility in the digital workplace.


“Excellent technical skills and collaborative attitude of consultants assigned to the project.”

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“Pleased with the technical knowledge of the ASC developers. They come up with the ideas that help us in fulfilling the business requirements satisfactorily.”

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ASC provided innovative solution to meet our business needs with applications like UNall, Travel, Intella, IDAM. If you can envision it, they can build it.

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Accelerate growth and Innovation with NPSM Cloud

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